This song is a special one. Hey, my name is Daven Prestige Vanderpool.  The song is called The Otherwave it features some of the best of the next (now) generation.  Featuring Tyga, 21 Savage, Asap Rocky, Meek Mill, Yo Got This song is a special one. My name is Daven Prestige Vanderpool.  The song is called The Otherwave it features some of the best of the next (now) generation.  Featuring Tyga, 21 Savage, Asap Rocky, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Cardi B, French Montana, Rich Da Kid, G Easy, Migos, Lil Pump and introducing DJ Big Nito. My thoughts on doing this joint was wanting to do something a little different from what is in the market right now. It was quite a bit of work putting joint together. But listening to it. It was well worth it. This sounds impossible when I write it out. But make it all make sense when you here the product. This is the first time something was done like this on this level. I call it my new technique called Virtual Collaboration.  I was looking for the perfect way to sum up my mixtape (The Osmium Experience). And this was it. Once part of the legendary Bad Boy Hitmen.

The first artist on this song is called Tyga. A certified platinum recording artist. Who once rolled the Super Star Lil Wayne’s label, Called Young Money records. For the earlier part in his career. This multi-talented artist is a Rapper, Songwriter, Singer, Actor and a television personality. From the Compton, California The United States of America. This artist recorded A slew of hit songs in the later part of the two thousands. One of the songs that he recorded was a song called Deuces. Which features Chris Brown and Kevin McCall. Which was released in 2011. This song had BET Award nominations for The Best Colaboration.

21 Savage is the second artist on this song. Known as a trap Hip Hop artist for Plaistow, London, England. He is a Grammy award winning artist. His story in the music business begins in 2013. Signed to Slaughter Gang/ Epic records. One of his popular songs is called Bank Account. In February 3 2019, The rapper 21 Savage had Immigration problems and was arrested by THE U.S Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). The charge was Theft by Deception. He was later released on his own recognizance.

The third artist on the song is ASAP Rocky. Born a native New Yorker. His introduction to the business began in the year of 2011. He started with his mixtape called Live Love A$AP. This effort landed him a deal with Polo Ground/ RCA records. One of his hits the was widely known was a F**kin Problems featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar.

Next up is talented gentleman called Meek Mill. Coming from the city of Brotherly Love Philadelphia. Meek mill for touched down in the business at the year of 2003. Recently he had some problems with the judicial system.

Moving on we have Yo Gotti coming from the city of Memphis, Tennessee. He kicks off the top the second verse. Yo Gotti has entered the business for 1996 and nas been rocking ever since.

Now we have Cardi B. hailing from the Bronx, New York City. She is the only female of this record. And she comes hard like everyone one this record. Cardi B started in the business from a reality TV show called Love and Hip hop New York in the year of 2015. Made a lot of noise on that show. She happened to land a recording contract with Atlantic records in 2017. She now one of the hottest females rapper in the business right now.

Next up is to bat is French Montana. He is from Rabat, Morocco. He debutted with his mixtape 2007 and had and had his first breakthrough in 2010  with the single “Choppa Choppa Down”. From there he did and featured on a great number of hit records.

Now after French Montana is Rich the Kid from Woodstock Georgia. Debuting in the business in the year 2013 with his mixtape called Been About the Benjamins. His early influeces were pioneer rappers like Nas, Jay Z Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. In 2017 he was signed the a major label called Interscope records.

Last verse we have G-Easy kicking it off. Coming from the city of Oakland, California. He was signed to the  major label called RCA and released his first album commercially in 2014 called These Things Happen. G- Easy had a worldwide smash featuring Cardi-B and Asap Rocky called No Limit in 2017.

Atfer G-Easy we have the tremdous trio called the Migos. One proteges of the legendary Gucci Mane. The Migos enter the game in 2013 with there debut single called Versace from their mixtape called. Y.R.N (Young Rich N**gas). The Migos had a worldwide smash called Bad and Boujee in 2017 featuring Lil Uzi Vert. You should know this record with close to a billion streams on YouTube.

Lastly we have Lil Pump coming from Miami, Florida. And he definely kicks this up to the next level closing this record out. He is signed to the major label called Warner Brother Music Group in 2017. Currently is on Tha Lights Global. One of the  recordings that Lil Pump was known for is called Gucci Gang.

By the way I have to mention Dj Big Nito for and the curcial touch that this record needed to big this to life. One of my oldest friends called Dj Beetle make the introduction. I had everything done before I added Dj Big Nito. The video was rather unique. I had to draw everyone out to make the video. Because I needed it to be high resolution so it would be high quality. I found this guy on the internet to put it together and I could say he did a tremdous job with editing and moving everything around. And i would like to thank all of the artist on this record and I want them to know my intentions for doing this was all positive.