Hello everyone!!! My name is Daven “Prestige” Vanderpool. I am a music producer. Once part of the legendary Bad Boy the Hitmen production team. I produced many classic hip hop & R&B records. Such as Notorious for The Notorious B.I.G (Biggie) and Sunshine and Imaginary Player for Jay Z along with many other rap songs you should know. Thru my year of I picked up and mastered certain experiences on how to put together different styles of music and make it all inviting and consumable for different age groups, Who enjoy and love good music. My musical palate allowed me to embrace and appreciated a wide variety of musical styles.


Musical Style

 I took a hiatus from Hip hop. Now I am returning to the business with my brand-new musical style called the 2090 experience. It’s different from the typical trap sound which is now boring, predictable, and very monotonous. It is everything you loved from the ’80s and ’90s updated to today’s musical consumption. In my world of urban music, it was never meant to be this one dimensional. Where everyone has the same beat and the same flow and no interesting topics. Too much samism (A word I made meaning the same thing over and over and over just copy and paste any artist).  That is called stale production in my book. No growth and tired.


Virtual  Collaboration

I am always searching for the next music industry trend or the other musical form of expression. And I am starting one with my new mixtape called The Osmium Experience. Where I take some of today’s rappers and some artists from the past and create a new song. You might call it a mashup, But the way I do it comes off like original songs. This is what I call Virtual Collaboration. Take bits and pieces for other songs. Sometimes add writing or new choruses to make them pop. And walla you have a new song. That would be comparable to any song in the market today. I created this style to make the best rap songs ever. When you hear them, you could be the judge and tell me. I am looking forward to your feedback. Positive or negative. If you want to experience the next stage in urban music just subscribe to my email list. Also, follow me on all my socials.