5 Intriguing Music Industry Trends to Watch in 2021

The music industry continually evolves with its listeners and technology. There are 5 especially intriguing music industry trends to watch this next year.

by prestige137


Like all art forms, music changes with the times. With today’s technology, setting up a home studio and recording your music is easier than ever.

Today’s music industry trends include a mix of DIY recording studios and the general globalization of music as an industry.

Learn more about 2020 music industry trends and what you need to look out for soon.

1. Streaming Services

One of today’s most significant changes in music industry trends are streaming services. No longer do music fans have to stay tuned into the radio. The use of streaming services has been around for several years and has recently become even more adaptive.

In the past, music streaming services included local radio channels, paid or free subscription services, and with or without commercials, respectively. Now, you can stream whole concerts live! Popular streaming subscriptions include:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Tidal
  • Amazon Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Pandora
  • Sound Cloud

Partially due to current events, as well as catering to the market, live streaming concerts happen for any type of artist. As one of the emerging trends in the music industry, live streaming of events occurs in popular game franchises like Fortnite or as extensions of existing streaming services.

As streaming services gain more popularity and technology advances by the second, don’t be surprised if you start attending some concerts in virtual reality.

2. Blended Genres

One of the major current trends in the music industry is the blending of musical genres. Historically speaking, one of the most common music industry trends of all time involves genre-blending. With classical artists overlaying dubstep and throat singing making its way into pop music, the definition of “genre” for music is in flux.

Indie labels are one of the biggest reasons for this change in the music industry. With culture and identity inspiring and defining music and its genres, music industry trends and issues are changing to match. The problems reflect current events, often inspired by a need to share artists’ messages with the world.

Both famous and independent artists use music to comment on politics and social issues relative to identity and culture. One of the reasons genre blends are more common for 2020 music industry trends is the need to bring different kinds of people together, all while honoring artists’ cultures. Music is one of the best ways to bridge divides between people, bringing them together.

3. Shorter and Single

Music industry trends, when not set by consumers, are set by major record labels producing pop music. As of last year, the average song length for top tracks was just over three minutes in length. In 2018, song lengths averaged thirty seconds longer.

What does this mean for 2020 music industry trends? Independent artists, unconfined by a major label, still have fans to satisfy. If you do not have a considerable following, optimizing your sound for playlists can help you capitalize on this new trend.

Short and sweet track lengths can draw fans in to listen to quality tracks with longer run times, without sacrificing artistic integrity. One way to take advantage of short tracks is through releasing a single, which you can promote over and over with the unique advertising now used for artist promotion.

4. Unique Advertising

With physical music sales down in the industry, marketing and advertising agencies are getting more creative. Emerging music trends change how music is promoted, especially with the variety of blended genres and indie labels on the rise. Major and independent studios benefit from new advertising strategies.

Live streaming, although great for performances, is another perfect tool to use for self-promotion. Whether you already have a strong following or not, using a streaming platform can help your recognition, providing a personal connection with followers. This kind of promotion is a highly interactive form of social media marketing usable by large and small music producers.

You can even connect with followers who have an influencer status on other social media platforms. Music industry trends are blending more than genres, but audience appeal, too. Consumers want a story and emotional attraction with their music, so documentaries and influencers both satisfy that desire for personalized content.

5. Collaboration Is Key

With genre-blending on the rise, as well as independent music production, collaboration is increasing, too. Most independent artists do not exclusively rely on creating music for their livelihood. Often, they generate income through music production, advertising for other artists, or producing content related to music (i.e., sponsoring recording studio equipment vendors, reviewing industry trends).

When musicians expand their range of services to collaborate with other artists and industries, they also broaden their promotional scope. For example, musicians who compose content for gaming companies, television, and other entertainment media create opportunities for recognition.

As a potential freelance composer, producer, promoter, agent, sponsor, or other music-related position, you create nothing but opportunity. Current trends in the music industry demand innovation and an ability to pivot and meet consumer demands.

If your following is weak, consider diversifying your professional skills and network. In turn, you’ll see your connections, opportunities, and followers change, too.

Where to Capitalize on Current Music Industry Trends

Cashing in on current music industry trends may be more than you can do on your own. Music, although an art form, is also a business. It can be hard to make the tough calls in recording, producing, and promoting your sound.

When you think of a reliable producer, you want someone who has the industry experience and isn’t afraid to pivot for emerging industry trends. You want a music veteran who can blend modern and classic hit composition. Hitt Mobb has what you need.

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