Hello everyone, my name is Daven Prestige Vanderpool. I was born in Jersey City, NJ in the mid-seventies. I was from a family who loved music. My father played a saxophone and also my brother. My first encounter with soul music was at the age of 5 or 6. I remember hearing James Brown’s soul song called Soul power. It could recollect quite an impression left on me. His voice, the music, the song and the beat. This was a great version of Funk music. From that young age, I fell in love with music. I spent a lot of time listening to the radio back then. There were three stations. 92 KTU, 99.7 Kiss FM and WBLS NYC. This was when I was a young teen. I could not get enough of it. It was the sound of James Brown that left an impression on me.



The Birth of Hip Hop Music

 Time went by and believe the year was 1980. I first heard the song Rapper’s Delight. This record comes out and it changed my life. It did not happen over night but a new genre of music was born called Hip Hop music. This was the next music industry trend. And many have doubted the creditiblity of rap songs. A lot of record companies did not invest in Hip hop music until a little later down the line.


In the beginning there were not many lyrical rappers with something great to say. Until Grandmaster flash and Melle Mel came with The Message and hip hop music started to create sub genres within itself. With different personalities came different styles of rap music. Let’s not look over the next important thing in hip hop music. It was the music production. The production of rap music went thru many changes. I knew I had to take a part in it. I first started out writing and rapping. And I had a name I made for myself. The name was too embarrassing to mention, thinking back of that.


Birth of the Hip Hop Producer

It was one point that i said to myself I needed beats since I wanted to be a rapper. That is why I started to do beats and learning how to produce tracks. Back in 1989. I first started out digging for records. That was an early discipline. Because I did not have a job to support it. And it was also little costly. Years later a friend introduced me to Puff Daddy of Bad Boy entertainment. He heard my music, liked it and signed me to his production crew. Later to be called The Hitmen. I believe at that time it was 1993. Then I started to work with Heavy D, DMX, Jay Z, Mase, Biggie, Lil Kim, Puffy and the names go on. I made a lot of hit records, that were memorable.

Moving On !!!

 I left Bad Boy Ent. In 2001 and I slowly regressed from the business. I let too many negative people get into my head. I didn’t have to urge to do any music for years. Time went by I slowly started to get the feeling back but now its 2016 and to me, music business changed tremendously. So, I had to figure out a way for me to penetrate the game. That’s when I came up with the concept of the Osmium Experience. Musically I attempt and succeed at merging acts and musicians for completely different worlds to create repurpose certain songs create a new result. Something special and needed in the business today

Creative Process

My creative process tends to vary. Sometimes it depends on the mood of the day.

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Time Management

On this occasion, time management is key to music production creation.

The Listener’s Experience

I always produce music with the listener’s experience in mind.

Market Research

We always strive to produce material that is relevant to our market.

Team Management

Well, are in the process of forming a world-class production team.

Product Features

Well, I tend to utilize various recording equpment according to the mood or vibe I trying to create. 




Sound Design

Creative Idea