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Contact me to arrange quality mixes and mastering services for your project. Please take advantage of many years of experience to add to your songs


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We years of experience and plenty of memorable music. We offer our professionalism and skills to the public.


In today’s music eveyone attempts to know about how to put songs and tracks together. But from the outside looking in. Meaning without no experience. Believe it or not experience can make a big difference. When it comes to clicks, streams and engagment. That why you should take advantage of our services. From sound design, editing, arranging, mixing and mastering. Please contact us!!!!


  • Branding – 90%
  • Marketing- 77%
  • Social Media- 85%

A winning sound Design course

Here at Hittmobb.com, we believe in adding sound design to our recordings to stand out and to be more memorable when making music. We believe in real hits, not on fake clicks. So I am in the middle of procuring a sound design course. Make sure to email me at info@hittmobb.com if you are interested.